AUREA Technology offers the "best in class" single photon counting modules
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 AUREA Technology unveils the QUANTAXEA, its ultra-high-brightness, narrow-bandwidth turn-key Entangled Photon-Pairs Source at telecom wavelength.

QUANTAXEA generates 10 times more telecom entangled photon-pairs than any existing photon source. Moreover, it features narrow spectral width of 1 nm and an outstanding visibility of 99%. It also includes on-demand remote control capabilities. QUANTAXEA delivers novel properties compare to other photon source by combining the benefits of proven optical fiber, waveguide and high-quality laser technologies.

QUANTAXEA is the world’s first reliable, compact, easy-to-use commercial Entangled photon-pairs source which enables to deploy longer-distances and more secure Quantum networks and create new medical and life science instruments. 

In addition, the QUANTAXEA is provided with its easy-to-use software interface as well as DLL libraries for an easy integration in Quantum Communication sytstems. 

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