AUREA Technology offers the "best in class" single photon counting modules

LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) is an optical remote sensing technology based on LIDARthe emission of photons in the atmosphere by using a  narrow spectrum of short pulse laser. The backscattered light is then collected by one or more very sensitive optical detectors, such as single photon counters. Nowadays, LIDAR techniques are found in many areas, such as the analysis of the pollution, air quality, meteorology, climatology, archeology, public works, or imaging.

AUREA Technology offers the SPD_A single photon counters. It performs very low noise levels and high quantum efficiency especially for eye safety at 1550 nm. In addition, the new photon counter with time correlator "all-in-one" LynXea increases the detection performance of a LIDAR, including its maximum sensing distance.

Detection modules AUREA Technology are particularly compact and easy to integrate into a LIDAR system.

 SPD_A_VIS [400 nm to 1060 nm] photon counting module:


LynXea_VIS [400 nm to 1060 nm] Time-Correlated photon counting module:

SPD_A_NIR [900 nm to 1700 nm] photon counting module:

LynXea_NIR [900 nm to 1700 nm] Time-Correlated photon counting module:

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