AUREA Technology offers the "best in class" single photon counting modules

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The SPD_A_VIS from AUREA Technology is the “best-in-class” high-performance and easy-to-use single photon counting modules engineered for the most demanding low-level-of-light [400 nm - 1060 nm] applications. The SPD_A_VIS can be used in continuous mode (free-running) or in gated-mode.

The newly designed SPD_A_VIS is the only commercially available photon counting module which provides up to 2 independent detection channels, and also a large variety of valuable options, such as the fully integrated Time-to-Digital Converter.


  • Very low noise < 25 cps,
  • High PDE > 70%,
  • Max Freq.: 40 MHz,
  • Free running and gated modes
  • 1- or 2- channels,
  • USB interface


  • Particle sizing
  • Fluorescence
  • Spectroscopy
  • Quantum Optics
  • Lidar / Ranging


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