AUREA Technology offers the "best in class" single photon counting modules



AUREA Technology offers the first worldwide high-brightness stand-alone quantum Entangled Photon Pair Source at telecom wavelengths, ideal for quantum information technologies. The TPS photon-pair source series are high-performance, compact and easy-to-use self-contained twin photon source. With only 5mW of pump power, it performs a spectral brightness of more than 100,000 photons/s/pm!

This innovative twin-photon source is very well designed. It provides a very convenient front-panel display and easy-to-use PC Graphical User Interface via its fast USB connection. Moreover, DLL libraries are also provided for LabVIEW, C++, and Visual basic user interface developments.

Entangled photons have appeared to be a promising way for both demonstrating quantum physics principles, and new quantum information applications. For example, entangled photons allows the development of Quantum Key Distribution protocols over few hundreds of kilometers. In biological imaging applications, entangled-photon light source allows yielding original dispersion-free measurements. Hence, the manipulation of the non-classical properties of such photon source have great potential for the development of very new quantum applications.


  • Photon paris generation at 1550 nm,
  • Narrow bi-photon bandwidth
  • High spectral brightness,
  • Integrated laser pump,
  • Adjustable laser pump power,
  • Room temperature operation
  • USB interface,
  • Remote control
  • DLL libraries : LabVIEW, C++


  • Photon pairs generation
  • Quantum Communications,
  • Quantum Key Distribution,
  • Quantum Teleportation,
  • Quantum Tomography,
  • Atomic interferometry.


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