AUREA Technology offers the "best in class" single photon counting modules

[San Jose, June, 2014]

The first commercial High‐brightness Twin Photon Source for Quantum Optics from AUREA Technology received the 2014 CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Award honorable mention. 

The TPS_1550, the first commercial Twin Photon Source from AUREA Technology, a fully integrated (pump source, crystal, optics, electronics, and software) 1550 nm photon pair source for scientists and engineers developing quantum optics technologies that creates photons on demand with a spectral brightness of more than 100,000 photons/s/pm and a selectable 6 GHz to 7 THz emission bandwidth with < 2 pm central wavelength drift.

                This entangled-photon-pair source replaces existing complicated setups that are typically devised by laboratory scientists. The TPS_1550 is instead a compact, self-contained instrument that fully integrates all the necessary optical fiber elements, electronics, and software to reproducibly deliver photons on demand, controlled by an easy to use personal computer-based user interface with touch-screen front panel, fast USB connection, and available DLL libraries to interface with LabVIEW or C++ software. In addition, the twin photon source is fully compatible with Aurea’s two-channel near-infrared photon counting module.  

AUREA Technology will exhibit at CLEO 2014 at booth #1924 its high-brightness Twin Photon Source, TPS_1550.


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