AUREA Technology propose les meilleurs instruments optiques pour le comptage de photons

 AUREA Technology unveils the QUANTAXEA, its ultra-high-brightness turn-key Entangled Photon-Pairs Source.

 AUREA Technology unveils the CHRONOXEA, its 4-channels Time Correlation Module that makes acquiring time-resolved data in an efficient, easy-to-use and affordable soltution.

[Besancon, March., 2017] AUREA Technology introduces its picosecond laser

The PiXea is a stand-alone picosecond laser dedicated for the most demanding industrial and scientific applications in the 375 nm to 2 um spectral range. This very-low timing-jitter laser from AUREA Technology performs very sharp pulses width down to 20 ps with a continuously tuning of the repetition rate up to 100 MHz and a peak power up to 500 mW. Very well-designed, the outstanding-performances and the modern interfaces of the PiXea make it an essential tool for any accurate time analysis, characterizations and laser seeding.

[San Francisco, Jan., 2017] AUREA Technology shows the first free-running and gated photon counting module at SPIE BiOS and PW17 in San Francisco

AUREA Technology shows the first continuous and gated modes NIR Single Photon Counting OEM Module, SPD_NIR_OEM. This is the most compact, and fastest high-performance Near-Infrared [900 nm-1700 nm] Single Photon Detection module, ideal for the most demanding analytical sciences, LIDAR, and Quantum technologies applications.  Thanks to its Geiger-mode InGaAs avalanche photodiode SPAD and its new enhanced embedded electronics. In gated-mode the SPD_OEM champion version performs very-low-noise DCR <1.000 cps and high Photon Detection Efficiency up to 30% at trigger rate up to 100 MHz and very fast timing resolution < 150 psec.

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