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Picosecond LASER

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The PIXEA is a high-quality laser system for OEM and R&D applications generating ultra-short optical pulses by using gain-switched laser diode technologies. The laser features high-quality picosecond laser pulses with no satellite pulses and minimize pulse tail.

The PIXEA series offer a large variety of centered wavelengths between 375 nm and 2 um. The pulse duration down to 20 ps is optimized for each wavelength.

The system is based in two modules or one module, the laser head and the dedicated Control Unit including the GUI software. Different optical output options are available, including free space collimating optics and fiber coupled.
picopulse  Features
  • Wavelengths 375 nm to 2 µm,
  • Pulse widths as short as 20 ps and very low jitter,
  • Repetition rate from single shot to 120 MHz,
  • Peak power up to 500 mW,
  • Very clean pulses with minimize pulse tails,
  • Dual mode: pulsed and CW operation,
  • Free-space or optical fibered,
  • USB communication,
  • Graphical user Interface.


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