AUREA Technology offers the "best in class" single photon counting modules

LYNXEA small    

The LynXea_NIR from AUREA Technology is a stand-alone [900-1700 nm] Time Correlated Single Photon Counting TCSPC module, which fully integrates the Time to Digital Converter with the best single photon counting technologies within the same box. 

AUREA Technology provides the LynXea a new generation of  “all-in-one” and easy-to-use Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) modules. The LynXea series are ultra-low-noise and high Photon-Detection-Efficiency TCSPC modules with timing resolution in the picosecond range. The TCSPC module from AUREA Technology is proposed in two versions, the M1 version with 1-channel and the M2 version with 2 independent channels. This newly designed TCSPC module enables the growth of new applications, such as for example in fluorescence spectroscopy, in photo-luminescence and coincidence measurements for Quantum information technologies.





LynXea_M2 TCSPC photon counter from AUREA Technology allows three diffferent possibilities of photon correlation, as follows:

  • Correlation between the trigger signal (trigger the laser) and the photon detector APD1,
  • Correlation between the trigger signal (trigger the laser) and the photon detector APD2,
  • Cross-correlation between the photon detector APD1 and the photon detector APD2.

The TDC offers the possibility of measuring the arrival time of each detected photon relative to an excitation signal, such as a laser pulse, this within a time window (gate) selected by the user.

 TDC arrival time

Following a repetition n, periodic excitation, the module records (accumulates) data corresponding to the time of arrival of each photon and displays a histogram of time (or curve). The width of the "time bin" of the histogram reflects the temporal resolution of the TDC and therefore the accuracy of the sampling time.


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